Inspection Team Functionality “The ITF”



The ITF provides a framework within which inspectors can think and work. It sets out the information flow and communication required to support critical decisions, and encapsulates the search logic to be followed. It also sets out the roles that inspectors should fulfil to function effectively as a team in achieving the aims of an OSI.

Information is the life blood of the inspection

The ITF is a multilevel concept which contains the information-led search logic, which in turn is implemented through defined and discrete methodological steps. The ITF also sets out the working relationships roles and responsibilities inspectors fulfill, and provides a framework for the effective management and execution of tasks by the inspection team leadership.

A critical requirement is the synergistic integration of multidisciplinary inspection activities. The ITF guarantees this integration as an outcome

Communication and reporting within the team has two important aims: first, to share information within the multidisciplinary team, and second, to develop the formal reports required at each stage of the OSI. Information sharing is fundamental to efficient working. Information is the life blood of the inspection, and progress would be severely hampered if inspectors cannot get easy access to geographically referenced inspection information, and if they don’t have opportunities to explore and discuss ideas. Clear and efficient communication is necessary to ensure a common purpose for the day to day activities of the inspection team, and to ensure that the numerous tasks to be undertaken by team members each day are coordinated and efficient.

The key objectives for internal communication are:

  • To report the operational aspects encountered by the field teams;
  • To feed technical results and information into the decision structure as soon as it becomes available;
  • To share technical results between the full IT;
  • To share the current search status between the full IT;
  • To allow all of the expertise available within the IT to contribute to the conduct of the inspection;
  • To share information about health and safety incidents and/or near misses and the lessons learned in order to avoid recurrences.

A critical requirement of an effective inspection is the synergistic integration of multidisciplinary inspection activities. The ITF, through the search logic, communication and management structures guarantees this integration as an outcome.

The concepts and procedures of the ITF were developed by Luis Gaya-Pique and George Tuckwell, in collaboration with PTS staff and expert participants in numerous workshops, expert meetings and exercises over a period of 3 years. The result is a well tested and comprehensive system of work. Well tested, but now subject to the ultimate test of operation during the IFE14!