Life blood


Information is the life blood of the inspection. To gather it effectively we need to pass it around internally just as well.

Information is what we are here to gather. Not opinion, not speculative conclusion, but factual information relevant to the clarification of the event that triggered the inspection. How do the inpsection team members stay on the same page? How does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

If we stay with the anatomical analogy, the working muscles of the inspection team ‘body’ need the oxygen of information to stay informed about the latest results, the current state of the search logic, and the facts gathered about the different locations within the inspection area.

In the body, blood is pumped from a central point, but can also be ‘called for’ by flexing muscles. The inspection team has a pumping heart distributing information from a central database and GIS system. The inspectors (the flexing muscles) can also pull in information as they need it to perform.

If the information distribution system of the inspection team is weak of fails, the inspection will get sick or die. If it works perfectly, you might even forget that such a wonderful system is there working away, keeping the inspection team in fine fettle.